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About TICO

TICO Pro-Spotters offer the safest and most reliable terminal tractors on the market. As the largest fleet owner and operator in North America, TICO understands first-hand what happens in the real world when their Pro- Spotters leave the production line. And just like you, TICO’s experience has been gained through the real needs of the work place. The TICO Cab is designed for toughness and efficient repair to maximize up-time; all of the internal parts are attached to the floor and not the cab panels. And with dozens of standard features that are only add-on cost options at their competitors, TICO Pro-Spotters keep the products moving more cost-effectively.

Outsource proudly serves as a distributor for all TICO terminal tractor lines. TICO provides a full library of support documents – manuals, technical documents, and specifications – ready to download, training, and a solutions service team that’s only a click or phone call away. When needed, Outsource provides onsite as well as in shop services on TICO terminal tractors. To learn more about TICO, visit their website today or email us at tico@outsourcefleet.com.

Terminal Tractor Purchasing & Leasing

Whether buying or leasing, Outsource is your destination for terminal tractors. While owning remains popular, leasing allows carriers like you to obtain equipment without incurring the upfront costs or credit constraints associated with ownership. Although the economy is improving, capital can still be tight and margins may be thin. Utilizing an operating lease through Outsource featuring a TICO Pro-Spotter allows you to expense the cost of the terminal tractor monthly rather than carry the liability on your balance sheets. That means more credit flexibility so you can put capital elsewhere in your business. With a leased terminal tractor through Outsource, you’ll have the best terminal tractor available.

For more information, email our Sales Manager, Matthew Leffler, or call him today at (708) 910-2400. Together with TICO, Outsource is ready to serve all your terminal tractor needs.


Off Road 2


Off Road TICO 2017 Pro-Spotter®

  • Cummins QSB6.7 Tier IV-F – 158HP @ 2100 RPM – 620Lb/Ft Torque @ 1500 RPM
  • 65 Gallon, Stair-Tread Step Tank, with Non-Skid Steps
  • Bendix ADIP Air Dryer
  • Fiberglass Composite 68″ High Cab/65″ Door/ with Tinted Front Vista Window only
  • 65″, Dual Air Operated, Aluminum/Poly Carbonate Rear Doors w/ auxiliary external release
  • Heater with Integral Air Conditioning -32500 BTU’s Rating
  • Engine Mounted 20 GPM Hydraulic Pump w/Priority Steering
  • Electric Rocker Switch Servo Operated Fifth Wheel Raise & Lower Controls

TICO 2017 DOT/EPA ISB 16 Pro-Spotter®

  • Cummins ISB16 – 200HP@2400RPM
  • Ground Level Air Filter with pre-cleaner mounted on Cab Protection Bar
  • 65 Gallon, Stair-Tread Step Tank, with Non-Skid Steps
  • Bendix ADIP Air Dryer
  • 21 GPM Engine Mounted Hydraulic Pump w/Steering Priority Valve
  • Electric “Joy Stick” Servo Operated Fifth Wheel Raise & Lower Controls
  • Fiberglass Composite  68″ High Cab/65″ door/ with Tinted Front Vista Window Only
  • 65″ Door Height, Dual Air Operated, Poly Carbonate Transparent Rear Doors
  • Heater with Integral Air Conditioning -32,500 BTU’s Rating

Terminal Tractor Rentals

Whether you call it a Hostler, a Spotter, a Mule, a Goat, or a Horse, we know that when you need a terminal truck, time is of the essence. While we refurbish your existing truck or you simply need more units, Outsource now offers a fleet of DOT and off road terminal tractors for long & short term rental. You can rely on Outsource to provide quality rental equipment fast.



Operator/Operations Advantages

  1. Large Cab Interior Room
  2. Optional “Fold-Away” Trainer’s Seat
  3. Air Operated Rear Door (no contortions needed to open/close door)
  4. Optional Rear 72” Door
  5. Full Vision Rear Door with Ground-to-Sky Visibility
  6. Overall Outward Visibility Greater than Competition
  7. Patented “Stair-Tread” 65 or 80 Gallon Fuel Tanks (optional)
  8. Noise & Heat Abatement System
  9. Optional Electric Boom Hoist Control
  10. Standard Curb & Street Side Frame Access for Ease of Entry/Egress
  11. 20 Degree Rear Frame Taper for Easy Trailer Pick-up
  12. Exclusive Vibration Cancellation Power-Train Torque Cradle
  13. Glove/Storage Box In-Cab
  14. Full Width & Height Cab Protection Bar
  15. All Exterior Walk Surfaces Differentiated in Hi-visability Orange Paint
  16. “Plug & Play” Dash with Ergonomic Layout
  17. 20 GPM Hydraulic Pump for Faster Hoist Speeds

Maintenance/Cost Advantages

  1. Cab Inset for Protection, Long Life & Resale Value
  2. Massive Tubular Floor Frame and 1” Reinforced Corners
  3. Rapid “Bolt-On Bolt-Off” Component System
  4. Full Height & Width Cab Protection Bar
  5. 65 or 80 (optional) Gallon Fuel Capacity
  6. Continuous Welds on All Joints
  7. Remote Coolant Surge Tank with Sight Glass & Low Coolant Sensor
  8. Driver’s Side Fueling with Engine Oil & Transmission Oil Dipsticks Accessible from the Ground
  9. High Mounted Air Cleaner & Air Intake
  10. Duty Boom Pin with Integral Grease Heavy Grooves
  11. Composite “Corrosion Free” Cab with 5-Year Structural Warranty
  12. Filter Minder at Turbo Charger Intake
  13. Easy Access Fuse Panel on Outside Dash Housing
  14. Cab Floor Washout Drain