About RoaDor

RoaDor™ is a patented, PVC panel roll-up door with interlocking, continuous hinges that eliminates the traditional metal hardware of standard roll-up doors. Outsource Fleet Services partnered with RoaDor™ as the Master Distributor for California, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. RoaDor™ provides strong, durable doors that require minimal maintenance and reduce total operating costs.  Its rollers have stainless steel shafts and nylon roller heads, which ensures safe, quiet, and maintenance free operation for years.

RoaDor Refrigeration

RoaDor™ reefer doors are among the best reefer doors available for any insulated requirement, refrigerated, or freezer applications. It is approximately half the weight of the old style reefer doors. Its hinges never rust, and the doors are extremely easy to open and close. Independently tested, the one inch and two inch insulted doors feature an R-5 and R-10 thermal resistance respectively. Learn more at

Order Today

RoaDor™  has one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business. All PVC panels have a five (5) year limited warranty. All other RoaDor™ parts are covered by a two (2) year warranty. To learn more or place an order, contact us toll free at 1-866-625-7795 or by e-mail at



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