Your Delavan Warranty and Service Center


About Delavan

With over 60 years of car-hauler manufacturing experience, Delavan Automotive, LLC offers versatile and reliable car hauling equipment. Delavan’s trailers and head ramps are manufactured in the USA, right in Newnan, Georgia. Outsource proudly serves as a warranty and service center for all Delavan car-hauler trailer and head rack lines by providing onsite as well as in shop services on Delavan equipment. To learn more about Delavan, visit their website today!


Delavan Trailers

There’s a Delavan trailer for every car move—find the perfect one for your specific needs at Delavan trailers. For your existing Delavan trailers, Outsource can provide onsite or in shop inspections, repairs, and warranty services. Together with Delavan, Outsource is ready to serve all your car-hauling needs.

For more information about Delavan trailers, or to make a purchase, please contact someone from Delavan’s sales team, or email them at



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